Friday, October 29, 2010


DIRECTOR: Ikechukwu Onyeka
WRITER: Eriobi Chibuzor Sunday
Nwegwu Chinweike
PRODUCER: Eriobi Chibuzor Sunday
Nwegwu Chinweike
Ben Chucks Aneka
Okechukwu Nwafor
SCREEN PLAY: Chidi Chijioke
GENRE: Melodrama
NAME OF THE REVIEWER: Ozuligbo Cynthia Uzoma
The movie started with a scene on campus with two beautiful young ladies who are best friends Tonto Dike (Mercy) and Chika Ike (Anita), they have been close since childhood and their friendship was said to be one that lasts forever. Mercy decides to live a fake life saying that her father is the ex commissioner of information only because she wanted to fit into the society, a young man Van Vicker (Fabian) who had wicked intentions to exploit Anita because she had connections with big men in the society, he also used to have a relationship with Mercy, he used her as a sex doll leaves her and goes for her friend Anita who is good, and serious in her dealings in school, this creates war between the two friends.
Anita received a call from an anonymous call telling her to meet him in a restaurant, she went there and there she met a man who is very wealthy and offers her a job which she accepted and this job really helped her in school, Mercy was one day visited by her parents who were poor but she embarrassed and denied them saying she did not know them and that they were paid to embarrass her, she then thought it was Anita so she decided to do the same to her by going to her mother to tell her lies about her daughter this made the woman come to school dressed in rags cause Mercy told her to. Fabian set Mercy up with the murder of Udolisa Uzoma (Morris) Anita’s ex boyfriend.
Anita took her mother to the chief that helped her only for her to see Desmond Eliot (Raymond) a man she fell in live with, she was perplexed because she did not know he was rich and that his father was the minister of information. After the whole long talk Raymond proposed to her which she agreed to, Raymond was sitting in his house when Fabian enters holding a knife treating to kill him cause of Anita as faith would have it the police enters and arrests Fabian.
Theme: Betrayal, love and intrigue
Setting: The movie setting was set on a university campus Nnamdi Azikwe Ukwa Anambra state Nigeria.
Main casts: Desmond Eliot, Van Vicker, Chika Ike, Tonto Dike, Halima Abubaka, and Princess Eugoda
Country: Nigeria.
Language: English.
Quotes: Wealth is nothing but thoughts, the ability to make money is just a state of mind said by Desmond Eliot (Raymond).
Sound track: The theme song was written by Shedrack John.
Title sequence: The title appeared in bold and colourful letters so also the casts.
Shots: Long shots were also used but there seems to be an inclination of close up shots (references when Mercy went to visit Anita’s mother)
Angle: Medium angle was used mostly.
Transitions: Fade in fade out was the order of the day, when the lecturer wanted to sleep with Anita so that she will get her marks that was at the beginning of part two, it was mainly used in many parts of the movie
Camera movement: The crane and dolly were made use of for outstanding performance in movement.
Camera speed: Normal motion speed was maintained throughout the movie.
Costume: Uche Nancy
Make up: Alice Ndukwe
I was impressed with the story line and the role of Desmond Eliot and Chike Ike but there were a lot of faults like the costume Tonto Dike wore just one shoe, the police men failed in their duty example they were not audible enough for the viewers to hear. Apart from these the movie was wonderful I really enjoyed it.
I think the main point of the movie of the climax was when Anita met Raymond. I would like to say do good at all times because it pays.


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