Thursday, October 28, 2010


DIRECTOR: Monsuru Obadina
WRITER: Babatunde Omidina
PRODUCER: Babatunde Omidina
SCREEN PLAY: Babatunde Omidina Monsuru Obadina
Kehinde Adeyemi, Gbade Oguntoyosi, Yomi King.
GENRE: Comedy
NAME OF REVIEWER: Jolaoso Aduragbemi Joseph
The movie starts started in a restaurant where Asunmo(Baba suwe) met kikelomo(funke Akindele) who came to eat and he immediately fell in love wit her and wanted her as his wife. He was already a married man with so many kids as he referred to as his wife (Iyabo Odukanmi) as a pig because anytime he mates with her she gets pregnant. His wife a middle aged woman was already worn out due to him and he decided to get a fresh blood according to him whom he found in Funke Akindele.
Unfortunately, Funke Akindele didnt like him but decided to play along and she told him a lie that she will like to finish her education before she can get married to him and baba suwe decided to sponsor her education because of the love he had for her.She continued to post him whenever he decides to get her back on the floor but she did a great work in embezzling hige sums of money from him. He went to the extent of getting an english teacher because he wanted to live up to the standard of the girl and instead of learning he ended up messing it up and speaking blunders instead of good english all around the place.
Baba suwe then decided to chase his wife out of his house and the kids but employs one of his sons as his body guard who moves around with him carrying guns.(we see this when he went for funke akindele's birthday).
After this Asunmo as he is stage name in the movie was called he decided to go fetish when he saw that funke akindele(kike) was trying to play a smart one on him and the Man who he went to consult also was a fake one and gave him a powder telling him that he should put it on his face early in the morning then he should go and see her first thing in the morning which he did but he met her sister instead and it worked on the sister who fell pity for him and urged her sister(funke Akindele)to go and see him(baba suwe) outside.
concluding, she ended up not marrying him but running with his tenant (bayo)femi Adebayo who at the end didnt marry her because baba suwe coincidentally came for the marriage and he fainted on sighting her and Baos parent didnt consent to the marriage the film ended with a fade out transition.
THEME: Comedy
SETTING: The movie has a contemporary setting based in Nigeria, precisely Lagos.
MAIN CASTS: Babatunde Omidina, Funke Akindele,Femi Adebayo, Iyabo Odukanmi, Kayode Odumosu, Ranti Adebaye.
COUNTRY: Nigeria
LANGUAGE: Yoruba with english subtitles.
QUOTES: “Omo ma baby omo my sweetrat”- Babatunde Omidina (Asunmo baba suwe)
SOUND TRACK: The theme song was composed by local music band just for the film.
TITLE SEQUENCE:The names of the casts were being shown and the music was playing at the beginning of the movie, I noticed that the the names change and the title was revealed by the soundtrack used in the movie also as all other films usually do the casts of the movie where revealed at the end of the movie.
Shots: The long shot, medium shot, close up for reference purpose, (for reference purpose in the scene where baba suwe was in the house of his english teacher pa kasunmu),extreme close up shot(camera was focused on the fake 50cent chain he was wearing)were used, however there seems to be a inclination for medium shots, because they were mostly used almost in all scenes of the movie.
Angle: Medium angle was foremost in the movie almost all through
Transition: As there was no reason for flashback or whatsoever fade in and out was the transition mostly present. In linking the scenes also fade in and fade out was mostly dominant infact that was what was used as the equipment for transition in the movie.
Camera Movement: The dolly was made use of for outstanding performance in movement of the camera there was no crane used at all in the film.
Camera Speed: Medium camera speed was maintained throughout the movie.
Costume: Done by Nike Awonowo and Laide Isiaka. The normal Day-to-day costume was used in the movie since it has a contemporary setting however emphasis was also made on the boss kidnapper to show his position of authority.
Make Up: Straight make up was used throughout the movie. Done by Regina Chukwu, Adejoke Adeola.
I was actually impressed at the use of the house that baba suwe used in the film, the setting of the house was very good a very beautiful house portraying Nigeria as a country with good houses,also all actors did their parts very well with perfection. But one of the mistakes i noticed was the fact that the club they pretended they where using for kike's birthday (Funke akindele) birthday was actually somebody's sitting room which was very obvious because of the difference in the chairs used in the club. Some of the chairs where white while some where blue which where dining table chairs. Also baba suwe's dressing was very good i was very impressed with the calibre of clothes he was wearing in the movie as most of them where imported Also during the introduction of the casts at the end of the movie,there was a mistake where Asunmo sister was also introduced as asunmo's sister without them revealing her name. Apart from these three, I can say the movie was splendid It was a great one.
Personally I believe the climax of the movie was when baba suwe(babatunde Omidina) got to see that the lady funke akindele that he has been spending all his money and he even neglected his wife and children for was going to get married to his tenant and that has been going on and he didnt know and what made me surprised was the fact that they even kept it from the audience and we didnt know ourselves.


  1. The movie Baba Jaiye Jaiye is an exceptional from the stables of baba suwe again. The movie is a fantastic comedy which showcases great nigerian comedy at for me i can keep watching this for the rest of the day i mean over and over again.

  2. Film was confusing but because of your comprehensive analysis i got to understand it. There is nothing much about the film but i laughed at some part where the guy really fooled himself...

  3. Aduragbemi you must be a clown to actually post me this to watch. You need to see the way i was rolling on the floor after watching that particular segment where he was singing with her.I had a quarrel with my wife at home but after this we came back both laughing because there was no place to actually hide any hard feelings. Your review made it easier for us to understand wish you will send us more anyway...thanks.

  4. this is krazy, this guy is at it again. I just feel comedy is in his blood he is the king of comedy in this country as far as am concerned. I just love him so much i also had that he was into drug trafficking one time but whatever i still love this guy he is just the best any comedian can be...thumbs up baba suwe!!

  5. Laughing has always been my hobby but it seems this one was well planned men i am impressed Nigerian indeginous comedy is making waves.My friends here would have loved to watch the movie which they did but they dint understand because of the subtitles where quite fast and they couldnt understand it. But they really laughed though because every aspect of baba suwe and his old wife plus his mother was real comedy. They really like the part where they sang the song"shake it baby shake it baby monster,shake it baby baby old fool"and he didnt understand another part which was equally entrtaing was the part where his mother was practicing the three religions at the same time using that as her u made us laugh here. But one thing i would commend you for is the way you organised this review you did great because before watching the movie i actually read the review which made us understand it well even my white friends here testifies that it was a good one.