Friday, November 6, 2009

Dangerous Mother


Director: Frank Rajah Aranse

Writer: Abdul Salam Mumuni

Producer: Uzoma Chijioke

Release date: 2009

Genre: melodrama (the good side is ken and the bad side is Melissa and Adline)

Plot: Bar. Melissa Anan (Jackie Appiah) a spoilt rude daughter of the first vice president of the republic of Ghana is being given an award for the female personality of the year. In the interview of the award she highlights the plight of female in the society and how her mother went through a terrible marriage and later climbs the ladder to becoming the first female vice-president of the republic of Ghana. Melissa’s mother Adline (Kalsoume Sinare) is served papers to a piece of land by Collins her aide but unfortunately for her the house is already occupied with already started constructing on the land .Adline decides to pay the occupant a visit. The occupant was later identified as Dr. Ken Ajumai (Majid Michel). Ken refused to vacate the land on the grounds that it was his only inheritance from his late dad. On leaving Adline threatens Ken. Ken’s sister later wants him about Adline. Some days later Melissa pays ken a legal visit threatening lawsuit while she provides some fake document stating that he sold the land for hundred thousand galaxies. Later ken meets his friend Chris and tells him about his challenge, but his friend stared acting aversive even if he agreed to stand by him. Melissa meets ken again at the shopping mall and started throwing threats all over again. Ken get s back home from work the next day only to be told by the sister that the government agents paid a visit to say that bulldozers have been called to pull down the construction.

Melissa pays Chris a visit on behalf of the matter but on her way out ken meets her with Chris and ken questioned is friend but Chris denied any knowledge apart from few dates with Melissa. It was then it was revealed that it was Chris who provided Melissa and her mother with the fake document. The battle still continues as Adline starts pulling down the construction and again with Melissa’s visit to ken with an ultimatum and a threat to visit the local government of house for permission to pull down the construction. That same day assassin were sent to kill him but fortunately for him he survived when the bullet hit another person wearing the same color of cloth as he was. He was so mad he went straight to Melissa’s house pouring accusations on them. Police were later called and he was locked up. The next day Melissa came to the prison to ask the DPO the keep ken in prison for a long time but unfortunately for her and fortunately for ken it was that same time he was being bailed by his lawyer after the police found no other reason to detain him. Later that day, it was shown that the master head of the operation of the assassins was ken’s friend, Chris.

Melissa and Adline meets Chris after the operation failed and they finalized how Chris will answer the lawyer’s questions if the case reaches court, about the fact that he was the only witness of the transaction between Ken and Adline. The next day Adline visits Ken’s lawyer bar. Fred Asowri (Gavivina Tamakloe) and threatens him that if does not drop the case he will e exposed as having an illegally acquired 1st degree. Bar. Fred drops the case but Ken still keeps on fighting.

Adline travels to Moscow for a ten days conference as a representative of the first lady and asks that Melissa should keep on the fight for ken’s land. However the next day Melissa is rushed to Ken’s hospital unconscious. Ken came to the hospital to treat her even though he was not on the morning shift. The story ends with ken treating a patient he later realized was Melissa his enemy.

Theme: no one owns the world no matter how big you are or your connections.

Setting: The movie has a contemporary setting based in Ghana

Main casts: Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Kalsoume Sinare, Gavivina Tamakloe.

Country: Ghana

Language: English

Quotes: I find particularly significant in this movie is an excerpt from the scene where Bar. Fred Asowri dropped ken’s case.

Bar. Fred Asowri: my hands are tied Ken.

Ken: what do you mean your hands are tied?

Bar. Fred Asowri: I can no longer handle this case I am pulling out……

Ken: save it, save it your explanations everything you have I am going to do without you and always remember that nothing can heal the wounds inflated by a traitor and that is exactly what you are.


Shots: there was an extreme close-up shot when they wanted to highlight the fact that Ken forgot his wallet in the shopping mall

Angle: medium angle was dominant in the movie and other angles were also used.

Camera movement: a dolly was used so as to survey or show how big the land was.

Camera Speed: Medium camera speed was maintained throughout the movie

Costumes: periodic, day to day and expensive clothes were used by character like Melissa and Adline to show their status in the society.

Make-up: the character wore straight make-up.

Reflection: I found it amazing how after everything Melissa still landed in Dr. Ken’s hospital. It makes one see that you never know who will hold your life in their hands in the future.

No one should not covert another’s property no matter the social position (the 9th commandment)

Finale: of course after everything Melissa later landed in ken’s hospital, where he had the power to either kill her or save her. Ken did not leave her to die but supposing he had a bad mind who knows…. Melissa should have known better that all positions were not permanent.

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